Evolution of my writing Skills!!!

I did not study in any city schools and all the schools i go(schools with 2000+ students), the medium of communication would be only tamil though they were english medium schools, My only english sources were some anglo classmates, 80% parents(DAD) and very very few teachers (2-3) that too only my mom's friends. In the school which i studied when i started writing these, my classmates were mostly from slums. so if u think i did a lousy job when i was 8 yrs old.... i dont care :-) The following stuff that you see will be hilarious... But you can notice that i was getting better!!.
My Family went from one place to another shifting houses coz of various reasons and coz of that i didn't make much friends... I started writing when i was in Maraimalai nagar where our 2 storied house was surrounded by slums and it was vacation time and it was pouring out heavily outside... and since i didn't have friends, i had no reason to go out (so i had no choice, i had to do something). I remember sitting in my room upstairs facing the window watching outside when i started writing. (especially the rain poem)

27-9-95 (8 yrs old, IV Std)
A Monkey on a tree
Story I

One day in a house, There were (was) mango tree, banana tree, orange tree and gova near that(those) green green mountains.

In the mountain there are monkeys, snakes and elephant.

The other animals stay in the mountain, the monkey is the only animal who come from the mountain.

The mother could not find any fruits in the garden so the mother searched for the fruits early in the morning. (MEANING: a mother used to pick fruits early in the morning coz she wont find any to pick during the day)

One day they forgot to find the fruits because their child is going out early in the morning. When the child comes(came) back home, the power has gone(power cut), The child felt as sleep (felt sleepy). He was very hungry. he called the mother and told that he was hungry. "I am going to sleep after dinner(is ready) wake me".
The mother went to the kitchen and kept the cooker in the stove and the mother lighted the stove five times, then the mother knew (came to know) that there is (was) no gas. She went to the garden and saw weather there is any fruits. The mother saw in the gova tree, a basket full of mangoes, bananas, oranges and gova(baskets apparently from the kitchen were up the tree). the mother took the torch to take the basket, the basket was too high. The mother thought (wondered) how can the basket of fruits can go up. The mother lighted the torch, she saw two eyes were shining. The power came. the mother lighted (switched on) the outside light, she saw a monkey. She called her children and all of them laughed. The mother told the children what had happened. all of them slept and the monkey stole the fruits.

27-9-95 A Worker Came to my garden
composition I

One day in my house, some body knocked the gate, When i saw, a garden lizard was standing on the gate. I told my mother it was garden lizard. One day when the garden was all grass, I called a worker to clean my garden. I had no tools, I had exam. The gardner saw an ant hole and afraid of it, he did not clean my garden well. He sat 3 times and said "send me". He asked coffee, he asked rice to eat. when (despite) he goes cleaning irrigular(ly) we gave rice. he told "dont want" and asked for 32 rupees for cleaning irrigular(ly). My mother thought a nice lesson to him.


My House composition II

My House is a beautiful house. I have one big hall and a wash basin room and a small toilet. we have two bedroom(s). one bedroom is my study room. I keep my room clean, I keep my books neatly on the table. I have many story books. in the holidays, I play in the evening and study in the story books in the morning. I have so many foreign things in my house. I have a game called speak and spell.

I have pencils and pen full of my box. I keep my bed clean. Every day one insect will come into the bedroom, It will disturb us when we sleep. I will play football, hockey, tennis,chess. There is one bird's nest, it lays eggs, hatches and went out, now the nest was(is) there. In front of my house one mina('s) nest is there, I('st) batch came haches and went, II batch came and built the nest in the same place. I('st) bach birds its nest again or II bach birds builds its nest again (*I myself did not understand the last sentance!!!)

My Garden

composition III

My garden is beautiful garden. I grow fruits like banana, gova, papaya, drumstick. orange, mango, groundnut and other plants. I grow vegitables like carrot coccumber and other vegitables. I clean my garden well, I look after my garden well, I water the plants, It grows tall and fat, it makes my house beautiful.
House is beautiful or garden is beautiful?

My hobby
Composition IV

1.By doing hobby it gives us knowledge. we have hobby like stamp collection, books reading, gardening etc

2. My Hobby is books reading. I spend my time by reading, by reading we can know the news from countries, inland and foerign. also we do some work with the help of reading books. also we can spend our time usefully.

3. Every one must have a hobby, it feels free also we spent our time usefully

There are 11 more pages of my hilarious writing i have, yet to be posted... :-)